Art History

The Art History Program offers courses ranging from history of art survey courses to upper division courses including Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, African, Native, Pre-Columbian, Japanese, Chinese, Contemporary, and Women Artists.

The art history emphasis requires students to acquire an advanced understanding of artistic techniques, styles, and historical context as well as practical experience with various research methodologies.

This program is excellent for students seeking an academic career in Art History and can lead to careers in teaching, museum administration and curating; work in galleries and auction houses, publishing, criticism, and other creative careers. The program prepares students with the necessary skills needed to pursue graduate level coursework and scholarly development.

Art History at UNC is devoted to the study of the visual arts and is concerned with the nature of works of art, as well as artwork’s context and content. Introductory level courses provide a foundation for understanding and appreciating the history of art. Upper level courses in the curriculum offer more advanced and specialized knowledge of global traditions and current expressions in the visual arts.

The program of study in Art history is, of course, relevant to all majors in the School of Art & Design, as well as those majoring in disciplines outside of the School.

The Senior Portfolio requirement in Art History is completed through a research project in an area of art history and a written paper summarizing results of the project research and demonstrating competence in critical analysis skills both verbally and written.

Courses in Art History are frequently offered during the summer semester including an on-site class at Mesa Verde National Park, and Italy.

Quick Guide: Art History

The College of Performing and Visual Arts offers undergraduate degrees for students studying Art History.

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Classes in the Art History program may include:

  • Ancient Art History
  • Drawing
  • Native Art
  • Japanese Art
  • Painting

Career options for graduates of the Art History program include:

  • Art Historian
  • Gallery Director
  • Curator
  • Studio Artist
  • Art Educator

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How to Apply

To learn more about the Art History program or to schedule a visit to the School of Art and Design, contact Melanie Poston at (970) 351-1921 or

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"I've bonded with faculty, classmates, and art unique to this environment. Here I grew to be knowledgeable, sensible, flexible, deliberate, introspective, and ultimately an artist I never thought I would be. I treasure my experiences; they will always be part of me and my art."

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