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Computer Graphics Area at the University of Northern Colorado, School of Art & Design offers state-of-the-art computer imaging, artistic exploration and knowledge beyond visualizing scientific concepts; skills often sought by prospective employers. Students learn techniques for 3D printing, animation, video production, digital illustration, and graphic arts. The program combines hands-on experience in integrating various computer-based technologies, from graphical display, through time based media, web and programming to video production, combined with practical and theoretical criticism, artistic, and aesthetic structures. Students explore options in interdisciplinary learning, and then focus on their areas of interests. The program is set under Art section of the program. The minimum of three classed are required for this area of concentration, for example, Computer Art, Computer Graphics, and Digital Illustration.

Students have a possibility to undertake an interdisciplinary program between Art and Design and Computer Science through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences that requires successful completion of the major core courses.

Quick Guide: Computer Graphics

Students can choose a Bachelor of Arts in Art & Design with a Concentration in Computer Graphics degree or a Master of Arts in Art & Design with a Concentration in Computer Graphics degree.

Coursework for computer graphics majors includes Visual Thinking and Visual Images, Graphics, Forms, and Motion, Digital Illustration, and Digital Collage.

Computer Graphics graduates have opportunities to pursue careers in Publishing, Illustration, Advertising, Videography, Video Game Design, Scientific Visualization Design, Product Design, and Animation.

Students are encouraged to apply for programs organized by the ACM SIGGRAPH, an International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, where they have many opportunities to network, participate in venues, benefit from the Job Fair, and many other venues organized around their career.

A computer laboratory is located in Guggenheim Hall 106 and is connected to Graphic Design lab located in Guggenheim Hall 105. Students have access to major programs and technologies, such as 3-D printing, or Virtual Reality.

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To learn more about the Computer Graphics program or to schedule a visit to the School of Art and Design, contact Melanie Poston at (970) 351-1921 or

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"Getting my hands dirty in several different medias really helped me grow as an artist by allowing me to explore my own interests freely. With support from the knowledgeable professors, I feel very confident about my future endeavors, inside the classroom and out."

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