The Fiber Arts area offers courses in Fiber Design and Weaving.

The studio includes facilities for various surface processes such as screen-printing and dye work, as well as cloth construction on tapestry, four- and eight-harness floor looms. Including the recent upgrade of fourteen new Schacht 4 and 8 harness floor looms and twenty new tapestry looms. Traditional and contemporary approaches in both two and three dimensions are explored.

Lynn Cornelius, head of the Fibers area in the School of Art & Design, led her students in the collaboration of creating a fantastical garden intended to surprise and delight people as they went about their everyday routine of waiting for a bus.

Quick Guide: Fibers

Classes in the Fibers program may include:

  • Fiber Design
  • Weaving

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How to Apply

To learn more about the Fibers program or to schedule a visit to the School of Art and Design, contact Melanie Poston at (970) 351-1921 or

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"Getting my hands dirty in several different medias really helped me grow as an artist by allowing me to explore my own interests freely. With support from the knowledgeable professors, I feel very confident about my future endeavors, inside the classroom and out."

Caitlyn Urhammer

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The Study of Fibers



Yarn Community Project

On a chilly December day, Fiber Design students imbued the otherwise cold and grey landscape at the Downtown Greeley Transfer Station with a cacophony of color and texture with crocheted vines, flowers, and bees (among other yarn flora and fauna). Learn more at Greeley Unexpected