Xia Gao 


March 7 - April 13, 2017


The University of Northern Colorado’s School of Art & Design is proud to announce Reside, a solo exhibition by textile and installation artist, Xia Gao. The artist’s work explores personal and cultural adaptation and transformation in installations through the interplay of textile and space. Reside presents a reflection Gao’s personal experiences and renewed connection to Chinese culture, as well as the intersection between man and nature, tradition, and contemporary practice.  Gao’s work involves a continuously evolving hybrid-making process, which blends digital and manual skills and integrates traditional techniques with new innovations. This experimental approach to art making comes as a natural fit into her transcultural perspective and position. The exhibition will include works that reflect Gao’s ability to work with textiles, installation, and mixed- media.

As part of an ongoing series, Dwell.Rest consists of a queen-sized bed and single pillow dressed in simple black sheets. Rising from the pillow into the ceiling rafters are hundreds of translucent strands of thread. The threads then hang down, weighted only by sewing needles tied to their ends. This installation reflects the artist’s concern for people’s living conditions in relation to air pollution, specifically in China’s more-developed urban centers. Gao states, “The bed, thread, and needles encourage critical thinking towards human activities and nature and their two-way impacts on each other.”

The artist’s inspiration stems from the act of migration over vast geographic spaces. Gao states, “I love observing people’s lives, especially those different from my own,” and these perceived differences are what inspires her creative expression.

Xia Gao is an Associate Professor of Apparel and Textile Design at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. She received her Bachelor of Art in Fashion Design and Master of Engineering in Apparel Design from China Textile University (formerly Dong Hua University). She also received her Master of Fine Arts in Textile Art and Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.