Summer Residents

UNC Galleries to Host Three Creatives This Summer

Dylan Gebbia-Richards in Residence: June 15 - August 20, 2017

Andrew Bablo & Pat Milbery in Residence: August 13 - 23, 2017


Dylan Gebbia-Richards | Friday, July 7: 4:30-7pm |  Tuesday, July 25:  CANCELLED

Opening Receptions

Thursday, August 24, 4 - 8pm

The University of Northern Colorado Galleries is proud to announce three summer residencies that will boldly impact the future of our Fall 2017 exhibitions and public programming. The Galleries welcome Boulder-based artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Boston-based designer and Founder of Steez Magazine & Design, Andrew Bablo, and Denver-based creative designer and professional snowboarder, Pat Milbery. 

The artist-in-residency model allows for community engagement throughout the construction and installation process. As a teaching gallery, we aim to "lift the veil" and provide a glimpse into the installation and processes necessary in bringing an exhibition of this scale and ambition to fruition. To support this initiative, the Galleries will host two Open Studios encouraging visitors to engage directly with the artist, ask questions about the work in progress, and learn more about the UNC Galleries.

The Galleries have allocated the Arts Annex and Mariani Galleries as Gebbia-Richards’ studio  June through August to construct his largest, most ambitious installation to date. The artist’s residency will conclude in late August when the Galleries will unveil the installation, titled Echo as the premiere Fall 2017 exhibition in Mariani Gallery. Inspired by a crashing wave, Echo is comprised of a twenty-eight-by-eighteen-foot oval room with sloped, tide-like walls. Echo will completely encompass the viewer in a life-size, texted painting made from 4,128 pounds of melted wax and vibrant pigment*. Gebbia-Richards’ proprietary process allows for him to carefully drip and build layers upon layers of controlled chaos. The artist’s three-dimensional paintings oscillate between exceptional technique and awe-inspiring unpredictability. 

The lobby of Crabbe Hall, which contains our Oak Room Gallery and studios, will be a blank slate for duo Andrew Bablo and Pat Milbery to tackle this August. This east coast/west coast collaboration will result in a site-specific, immersive mural that will greet visitors and students entering the building. Riffing off of the classic, oak interior paneling of the Oak Room Gallery, Bablo and Milbery plan to incorporate a contemporary design that unexpectedly compliments the more traditional characteristics of the gallery. 

* All pigments used in the making of Echo came from the generous support of KAMA Pigments.

Andrew Bablo + Pat Milbery, Crabbe Hall lobby mural

Andrew Bablo + Pat Milbery, Crabbe Hall lobby mural

Andrew Bablo + Pat Milbery, Crabbe Hall lobby mural

Dylan Gebbia-Richards, "Echo" installation view

Dylan Gebbia-Richards, "Echo" installation view

Dylan Gebbia-Richards, "Echo" (detail)