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UNC Arts Institute 2015

9th Annual Arts Education Leadership Institute

Art in the Everyday: Social Practice and Lived Experience

June 9, 10, & 11, 2015

Keynote speakers include Alberto Aguilar, Jorge Lucero and M12 Collective.

Artists of note include Lynne Hull, Bread and Puppet Theater, Chip Thomas, Ian Cooke and Phil Bender.

Join us for 3 days of workshops, discussions, and activities! Art in the Everyday will demonstrate how everyday acts can be art and art can be found in the everyday. Keynote speakers, artists and workshop presenters will help find new places for artmaking in our teaching, learning and day-to-day living. We will discuss how paying attention to the aesthetic aspects of Everyday Life can potentially result in personal, social, relational or cultural change.


Event Details

Dates: June 9, 10, 11, 2015

Location: University of Northern Colorado, Gunter Hall (View Map)

Who can attend: Open to students, educators, and general public. Registration is required.

Fees: Admission is $40 and includes coffee and afternoon snacks. Students are free. If taken for UNC course credit, the cost is $105 (1 credit). Greeley residents have an opportunity to attend 1 session for free. Please contact Connie Stewart for more information.

Learn More: View event details

Registration: Please register online

Contact: For more information, please contact Connie Stewart at connie.stewart@unco.edu, (970) 351-2426



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

7-8am Check-in and coffee services

8-8:15am Introduction with Connie Stewart

8:15-10am Keynote and Artist Presentation with
Alberto Aguilar and Jorge Lucero, Art in the Everyday

10:15-11am Morning Workshops

Alberto Aguilar: Performance for an Emergent Aesthetic from the Everyday

Kris Pierce and Briana Sosna: Weave
Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison: Expressions of Depth: Cultivating Layered Language
Rebecca Vaughan: The Gift Economy as Social Practice: Utilizing Gift Theory and Disrupting
Social Ritual

11:15-12pm Morning Workshops

Jorge Lucero: Mere Collages

Stephanie Busby and Kate Giese: Social Change in the Art Room

Michael J. Strand: System(Making) - Art and Craft Beyond Place

12-1pm Lunch (bring your own lunch)

1:15-2pm Karol Gates: Curriculum, Assessment,
Gifted4Arts and Educator Evaluation...oh MY!

2:15-4pm Afternoon Workshops

Warm Cookies of the Revolution: What are the Warm Cookies of the Revolution?...wait, what?!

Tamara Meneghini: Working with Rasa Spaces

School integrated arts planning

4:15-5pm ANIMAL/ object: Extraordinary Sounds from Ordinary Objects







7-8am Check-in and coffee services

8-8:15 Introduction with Connie Stewart

8:15-9am Artist Presentation by Lynne Hull

9-10am Keyonte Presentation by M12 Collective: Art on the Rural Frontier

10:15-11am Morning Workshops

M12 Collective: Art of the Rural Frontier

Kris Pierce and Briana Sosna: Weave

CIAE staff: Explore Art in the Everyday in Lesson Plans and Resources

10:15-12pm Lynne Hull: At the Park

Phil Bender: Thrift store shopping

11:15-12pm Karol Gates: CDE Elementary Arts
Integration Unit Samples

Heather Rogers: Life as a Muse

Rachel Shockley: Word Play: Increase Reader Response with Better Writing

12-1pm Lunch (bring your own lunch)

1:15-2pm Afternoon Workshops

Chelsea Ruiz and Wendy Oster: Arts Integration Successes

ANIMAL/ object: Making Found and Homemade Music Part I

Laura Phelps Rogers: Wash Rinse Repeat-A Memory Based Approach to Art Making

Apex Dance: Intro to Video Projection and Dance

2:15-4pm Deborah Smith-Shank: Storytelling
as a Vehicle for Teaching and Learning

Bread and Puppet: Creating and Performing Cantastorias

School integrated arts planning

Apex Dance: Using Interactive Video Projection to Create Dance from Everyday Movements

4:15-5pm Bread and Puppet: Closing Performance

7-8am Check-in and coffee services

8-8:15am Introduction with Connie Stewart

8:15-9am Artist Presentation by Phil Bender: Noticing the Unnoticed

9-10am Keynote Presentation by Chip Thomas: From There to Here: A Case Study in Verisimilitude

10:15-11am Morning Workshops

Gillian McNally: ACTivate Everyday Theatre as a Tool for Change

Chip Thomas:Verisimilitude

Eliaz McMillan: Making a Life

Lynn Cornelius: Everyday Beautiful: Yarn Bombing, Improvisation, and the Art of Noticing

11:-12:30pm Lunch (Bring your own lunch)

12:45-2:15pm Afternoon Workshops

Phil Bender: Noticing the Unnoticed In Action

Suzi Q Smith: What Makes Us

ANIMAL/ object: Making Found and Homemade Music Part II

12:45-1:30pm Ian Cooke: Loopers and Dinosaurs

1:35-2:15pm Phamaly Theatre: Disability Arts

2:20-3:30pm Phamaly Theatre Company:

3:45-4:30pm Ian Cooke: Modern Words of Ancient Birds

Connie Stewart: Closing Remarks









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Jorge Lucero

Alberto Aguilar

Chip Thomas

Bread and Puppet

M12 Collective

Phil Bender

Tamara Meneghini

Laura Phelps Rogers

ANIMAL/ objects


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