Janice Dickensheets, Music Faculty

Janice Dickensheets

Music History

Assistant Professor of Music

Contact Information

Office: Frasier 93
Email: Janice.Dickensheets@unco.edu
Phone Number: (970) 351-2017


Dr. Janice Dickensheets is a member of UNC's Music History faculty, teaching Musical Styles and Context, Introduction to Music, and Music Cultures of the World. Prior to her tenure at UNC, Dr. Dickensheets taught at Metropolitan State College and Aims Community College. She also taught seminar classes for the Rocky Mountain Music Technology Workshop presented for many summers by UNC. Dr. Dickensheets holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts from Mesa State College, a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Doctor of Arts in Music History and Literature, also from the University of Northern Colorado. Her fields of specialty include Romantic instrumental music and its connection to Romantic literature as well as the evolution of musical styles throughout history. She is also interested in the connections and influences of non-western music on western repertoire and the migration of musical styles from one area of the world to another. In addition to teaching history and world music classes, Dr. Dickensheets has been involved in the opera program at UNC, directing numerous opera scenes for the short Opera Scene concerts held each semester. Between graduate degrees, Dr. Dickensheets performed professionally in local theaters, including Ye Olde Wayside Inn in Berthoud. She also spent three months in Bangkok in 1996 studying the Classical music of Thailand.

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