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UNC Showcase of the Arts

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lone Tree Center for the Arts

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See rising stars in visual art, music, and theatre from the University of Northern Colorado’s College of Performing and Visual Arts. UNC alumni, friends, and prospective students are invited to join us for a special performance and a dessert reception.

Tickets include the one-hour performance and drinks and refreshments at the dessert reception to follow.

UNC Showcase of the Arts

2018 Program

Trevor Seymour, School of Art & Design

The School of Art and Design Presents: 

Trevor Seymour, Southard Award Winner

Mixed Media

"Semantic Shifts looks at the development of a word’s meaning over time. For example, 'nice' comes from the Latin word nescius meaning 'ignorant.' The meaning and connotations we have are obviously much different today. I am making the viewer question the connotations they carry with words and objects in an almost Joseph Kosuth-esque manner. By juxtaposing a drawing, photo, or found object with a randomly generated adjective, I encourage viewers to bring forward their own experiences and associations with those objects and words to try creating a connection. The viewer realizes his or her own subtle semantic shifts."

The School of Music Presents: 

Julianna Espinosa, Southard Award Winner

Allerseelen & Cäcilie by Richard Strauss

Stridono Lassù by Ruggero Leoncavallo

Will There Really be a Morning? by Richard Hundley

Animal Passion by Jake Heggie

Julianna Espinosa

The School of Theatre Arts and Dance Presents: 

Musical Theatre Performers, School of Theatre Arts & Dance

Brianna Faulk, Andy Walker, and Carly Valancy

Outstanding musical theatre students performing selected solo pieces

Winner of the Second Annual Arts Innovation Award: 

Todd Swingle, original composition
Saturn-10 Split

"Saturn-10 Split follows a journey of a sphere from Earth outward into the solar system. As the ball travels away from Earth it encounters the water in the atmosphere, the rings of Saturn, the ice of Pluto, and even the long lost radio transmissions of earth broadcast into space. The piece uses a bowling ball as the main sound source for the performer. The performer strikes the ball in different ways to create sounds that are live processed through the program Max/MSP/Jitter. The performer works in tandem with the program to create the music. Sometimes the performer will listen for cues from the program to know when to make his/her sounds, other times the program listens for the performer to create specific sounds before it proceeds along its algorithmic path. Saturn-10 Split is a beautiful example of how technology can be combined with acoustic sounds and live performers to create new and exciting music.”

Todd Swingle, Arts Innovation Award Winner

2017 Highlights

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

The Serpent by Olivia Davies, Southard Award Winner

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

Quatour pour Saxophones by Pierre Max Dubois, Front Range Saxophone Quartet, Southard Award Winner

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

"One Heart" by Jose David Reynoza, Arts Innovation Award Winner

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

"Dancing Through Life" from Wicked, Tyler Jensen

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

"Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl, Faith Ford

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

"Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables, Alex Albrecht

UNC Showcase of the Arts, 2017 Highlights

"New Angle" by Mike Conrad, All Angles Orchestra, Arts Innovation Award Winner


Our Deepest Appreciation to our 2018 Premier Season Sponsor
Official Hospital System of the Arts at UNC