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Program Description: Master of Arts in THEATRE EDUCATION


Program Description | General Information | Curriculum
Course Descriptions
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Degree Requirements – 36 Credits

This focused program consists of two three-week summer institutes for eighteen (18) credits – 9 each year – one three (3) credit 500 level or above approved UNC or transferable theatre course; three (3) three-credit on-line courses spread out over two academic years (graduate transfer credits may also apply), and six (6) credits of thesis advisement for a total of thirty-six (36) credits spread out over the course of two academic years and two summer sessions.

Required Courses - 33 credits

THED 530 Theatrical Production I (3)

THED 531 Theatrical Production II (3)

THED 540 Directing/Acting: Realism and Non-Realism/Period Styles (3)

THED 541 Directing/Acting: Musical Theatre (3)

THED 560 Innovative Strategies in Drama Education (3)

THED 561 Voice and Movement (3)

THED 600 On-Line: Dramaturgy /Research Methodology (3) 

THED 670 On-Line: Advocacy, History and Philosophy of Theatre Education (3)

THED 680 On-Line: Theatre Education Curriculum Development (3)

THED 690 Thesis I (3) OR THEA 696 Action Research I
THED 699 Thesis II (3) OR THEA 697 Action Research II (3)

Theatre Electives – 3 Credits

Approved 500 or 600 Level Theatre Course (3)

The Coordinator of the M.A. in Theatre Education: Theatre Educator Intensive program will assign each student an academic advisor and a graduate committee. The academic advisor will serve as the chair of the graduate committee.

It is recommended that students have a graduate committee review each semester. The student will submit a written report of the graduate review to the academic advisor and the Coordinator of the M.A. in Theatre Education: Theatre Educator Institute program. The student assumes responsibility for scheduling graduate reviews. Two unsuccessful graduate reviews will be considered grounds for termination of the program. In conjunction with THED 690/696 and 699/697, the student will prepare and submit a written thesis/action research proposal. Prior to beginning work on the thesis/action research, the proposal must be approved by all members of the student's graduate committee. A written research thesis/action research project is required of all Master of Arts degree candidates in the School of Theatre Arts and Dance.

Note(s): Upon completion of the program, the student will be required to demonstrate
competence in the designated area of concentration in accordance with approved school standards. The student's committee must approve the candidate for graduation.







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Theatre Education

Theatre Studies


Musical Theatre

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MA in Theatre Education

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Last updated September 22, 2014