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About the College of Performing and Visual Arts

Who We Are

The College of Performing and Visual Arts is a vibrant arts community of practitioners, scholars, and learners representing a range of arts traditions and disciplines. The arts are core to who we are at UNC, ever since we were established as The Normal School in 1889. Our tradition as an arts institution is long-standing, and you will even find our main college offices in Guggenheim Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus.


We are devoted to helping students prepare for careers in the arts. Our facilities, technology, faculty, staff, and experience provides serious students with an engaging arts education. While we are meticulous about providing a rigorous education for our students, we are also conscientious about supporting students in their exploration of new and innovative arts forms and expressions. Our programs of study are designed to be challenging and relevant.


Our College community includes outstanding and recognized arts practitioners, historians, educators, and administrators who are passionate and enthusiasic about their involvement in the arts. We are an important part of the cultural community of Northern Colorado, and our faculty, staff, students, and alumni are actively involved in arts organizations and schools in this region and beyond. A large part of our involvement in the community is our annual calendar of over 300 art, music, theatre, and dance events.


The College of Performing and Visual Arts: A place where passion and aptitude are transformed into the professional skills that create the foundation for a meaningful career in the arts and beyond.


The UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts provides a comprehensive arts education that prepares students to be flexible, innovative, and well-rounded emerging professional artists, arts educators, and scholars. With a depth of knowledge and experience, our dedicated faculty and staff collaborate with students to create a breadth of experiential and entrepreneurial opportunities in a positive, inclusive learning environment. We prioritize excellence, foster supportive community, cultivate creative exploration, and embrace diversity. As a cultural hub of UNC, the College celebrates creativity with the university, local community, surrounding region, and wider arts world.