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Bear Records

University of Northern Colorado's student-run record label.

UNC Bear Records

Faculty Records

Featured Album

The Trumpet Sings: Lieder, Songs and Art Pieces

by Philip Hembree - Trumpet, Willem can Schalkwyk - Piano

Instrumentalist have been imitating the human voice for centuries, yet few trumpeters have attempted to record the vocal literature. "The Trumpet Sings" shows that the trumpet excels at lyrical music, displaying a wide range of colors, emotions, and articulation, all without the help of the text


Student Records 

Featured Album


by Connor Shaw

C.L. Shaw (Conner Shaw, b. 1996) is a composer and guitarist from Greeley, Colorado. He has composed pieces for a variety of chamber ensembles, chamber orchestra, and electronics. He specializes in composing works that involve voice interacting with instrumentalists. Shaw’s major influences include American composers such as Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, and George Crumb.


by Brittney Geurink

Static is a single that features a variety of instruments in an avant-garde fashion. There are two sections that are tied together by the sound of "static" produced from a rainstick, as the surrounding instruments layer and texturize the piece.


by Natalie Stepaniak

This is the first multi-movement work that has been written by Natalie. The movements are marked by the clicking of the cassette recording's buttons. The inspiration originates entirely out of Haruki Murakami's novel, 1Q84. The entire work is based around the 1984 motive through a process called pitch class set theory and represents the connection to the different images and symbols throughout the novel.

The Tea Shop Sessions

by Natalie Stepaniak

The journey began when a mentor of mine encouraged the viola studio to create their own content or record the music that they were learning and publish it. Before then, I never considered myself to be a sound artist or a composer in any sense. This EP was a dive for me to delve into what music inspires me every day. This album has a wide range of influences from sound art to the harmonies of Radiohead. Welcome to the Tea Shop Sessions.


by Ivory Masching