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Intercollegiate Piano Competition of the West

Intercollegiate Piano Competition of the West

The Intercollegiate Piano Competition of the West was established by Dr. Adam Piotr Żukiewicz with a purpose of promoting excellent young piano students and fostering collaboration between the keyboard departments and areas in the western USA. Located within the driving distance from each other, the participating educational institutions have a unique opportunity to collaborate and promote their students by hosting recitals for the finalists of the competition, who only comprise of the students enrolled in the piano programs in the participating institutions.

The competition is supported by the keyboard faculty of the participating institutions, who serve as Coordinators of the Competition, and by the generous support of Mr. Barry Damerell, General Manager of Schmitt Music Denver, who sponsored the winner’s prize: a professional recital engagement at Schmitt Music Denver

IPCW 2020 edition participating institutions and their Coordinators

Finalists of the competition

  1. Bruno Theiss (UW)
  2. Ming Jin (UNC)
  3. Reece Classen (MSU)

2020 Winner: Bruno Theiss

2020 IPCW Winner: Bruno Theiss

Brazilian pianist Bruno Theiss has a Master's Degree from the University of Wyoming and a Bachelor's Degree from the School of Music and Fine Arts of Parana (Brazil), both in Piano Performance. Starting in August 2020, he will be working towards his Doctoral of Arts degree at Ball State University. He has performed solo recitals in the cities of Laramie, Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Blumenau, and has taught piano lessons since 2011. In the University of Wyoming, Bruno acted as a Graduate Assistant, both as a collaborative pianist and as a class piano instructor. Bruno has competed in several piano competitions in Brazil, having received the 1st prize in two of them (Mackenzie Piano Competition and International Rachmaninov Competition for Young Pianists) and the 2nd or 3rd prizes in 5 other competitions.

Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the competition is to promote young pianists through providing them with performance opportunities in the region. Competition will also promote collaboration between the piano/keyboard departments of the participating educational institutions and external organizations supportive of the competition and its goal. Participating institutions in the 2020 edition: Colorado State University, Metro State University, University of Wyoming, University of Northern Colorado.


Every participating institution will designate one piano faculty member as a coordinator of the competition. The duties of the coordinator will include selection of the finalist of the competition, judging of the finalists, organization of the recital of other finalist at their institution, and facilitating communication between the competitors and other competition coordinators.


  • The competition consists of one stage.
  • Each participating institution will select one competitor (finalist of the competition) from the pool of students enrolled in their piano programs. Every participating institution will have its own criteria of selecting their competitor. Competitors will participate in the final round of the competition through an online video submission of their performance via YouTube.
  • The recordings must be unedited and recorded in one full-length take (no cuts between compositions). Use fixed position of the camera, making sure that hands and feet are visible at all times.


  • The campus selection process will take place in the early Spring of 2020. Should the coordinators deem it necessary to conduct live auditions for the candidates in their units, the recommended deadline for those will be March 1.
  • The deadline for the finalists’ online video submissions is March 15, 2020. 
  • The results will be announced on March 31st, 2020.


  • The competition is open to any student enrolled in one of the piano performance major programs at participating educational institutions.
  • Winners of the competition will not be eligible to participate in future competitions.


There are no fees for the participating students.


  • Competitors will perform a free-choice solo recital of 20-25 minutes, which must include at least 2 works of various compositional styles. Performances of movements from larger works are permitted, however at least one work must be performed in its entirety.
  • All works must be performed from memory.
  • The winner of the competition must prepare a recital of max. 60 minutes in length for a professional concert engagement in Denver at a further date. The works performed in the competition may be repeated during this recital, however the program must include at least one work by a living American composer.


  • For the campus selection, the organization of the selection process will be entirely at the discretion of the competition coordinator of each participating institution.
  • For the final round, the coordinators of the competition will adjudicate the video submissions of the finalists. The votes will only indicate the winner of the competition. In case of a tie, repetition of the vote will be conducted. In this situation the competition coordinators may also agree to select two winners of the competition.
  • An exception/addition to the jury members can be made in case of engaging a music director of one of the regional orchestras on the condition of inviting the winner or a finalist of their choice to perform with their orchestra. Other jury exceptions/additions can be made and announced at a later time.
  • At any point in the competition, the adjudicators will not be allowed to vote for their current students.


  • There will be one winner of the competition (unless an extraordinary situation occurs, as described above), and finalists of the competition.
  • Every finalist will perform a free recital at a participating university/college that is not their own.
  • The winner of the competition will be professionally engaged by the Schmitt Music Denver to perform a solo recital at a further date and receive an honorarium upon the completion of the recital.
  • Additional prizes and performance opportunities may be awarded at a later time.

For More Information please contact:

Adam Piotr Żukiewicz, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor of Piano
University of Northern Colorado
Resident Faculty Pianist
International Music Festival of the Adriatic
Frasier Hall, Campus Box 28
Greeley, CO, 80639
Office: +1 970-351-4909
Cell: +1 970-405-1766