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Frasier Hall Practice Rooms

Use this page to view availability and reserve a practice room in Frasier Hall


  1. Practice rooms are by reservation only
  2. Rooms can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance
  3. Practice sessions are limited to 2 hours
  4. Rooms must be left vacant for 30 minutes before and after each reservation to all the room to air-out
  5. Only one student allowed in a practice room at a time

Practice rooms will be disinfected once per day in the evening with static discharge sprayers. When this disinfection process is occurring, UNC Facilities staff have the authorization to require that you vacate the room. In order for the disinfection process to work, practice rooms must be left vacant for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Sanitizing wipe dispensers have been installed at the entrance to each bank of practice rooms. Students are required to disinfect all surfaces of the practice room with one wipe prior to use. Please do not remove the container of disinfecting wipes from the wall-mounted bracket.

Students must check that the ventilation switch for each individual practice room is turned on before using the practice room.

In order for the practice rooms to remain open for student use, the aforementioned policies and protocols must be followed. Please be respectful of your colleagues and mindful of the unusual circumstance  in which we find ourselves. The use of practice rooms is crucial to all members of our community and  these  policies are critical in maintaining the availability of these spaces for all students. Non-compliance by users of these facilities is disrespectful to all and threatens their ongoing availability.

Availability & Reservations

  • General Practice Rooms

    General Practice Rooms

    FRAS 66A, 66B, 66C, 66D, 66E, 66F, 66K, 66L, 67A, 67B, 67C, 67D, 67E, 67F, 67J, 67K, 202C, 202A, 206A-1, 206A-2, 55J, 55K, 55L, 202B

  • Percussion & Drum Set

    Percussion Practice Rooms

    FRAS 55A, 55B, 55C, 55D, 55E, 55F, 55G, 55H

    Campus Commons Storage

Make A ReservationFrasier Map (Ground Floor - 55, 66, 67)Fraser Map (Second Floor - 202 & 206)


  1. Select "reserve now"
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and the last 4 digits of your Bear No. 
  3. Select the Room - Percussion and Drum Set rooms are only available percussion and drum set majors and require key access
  4. Select up to four (4) available adjacent time slots, leaving one (1) open time slot before and after your reservation
  5. Click submit
  6. Manage your reservation