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Frequently Asked Questions About Auditions

  • General Application Questions

    Do I need to apply to UNC before submitting my School of Theatre Arts and Dance application?
    You may complete the School of Theatre Arts and Dance application and the UNC application in any order. You must be accepted to both UNC and your theatre program of choice in order to attend as a theatre major. Acceptance to the School of Theatre Arts and Dance DOES NOT replace or override an admission decision from UNC.

    Does UNC require a pre-screen?
    A pre-screen is not required to audition for UNC.

    Can I apply to more than one area?
    Yes! You may apply to any programs in which you are interested.

    If I apply for more than one program, can I complete my auditions/interviews all on one day?
    Yes. If you plan to audition or interview for multiple programs, we recommend selecting the same date for each when you fill out the application. We will schedule your auditions/interviews accordingly.

    If I am not admitted to the School of Theatre Arts and Dance, can I apply again next year?
    If you are not admitted to the School of Theatre Arts and Dance but are admitted to UNC, you may choose to attend UNC and audition again the following year. Your major will stay listed as "seeking" a theatre arts program until you are admitted or change your major. Auditioning as a sophomore does not increase your chances of acceptance into the program.

    If I am auditioning at a state thespian festival, do I need to submit the UNC theatre application?
    No. If registration for your audition is administered through your state festival, you will not need to submit our application in advance. The application is required for those who wish to audition on campus, through video, or who intend to reserve a time slot with us at the unified auditions.

  • Auditions and Interviews

    How will I know when my audition/interview is?
    When you fill out the School of Theatre Arts and Dance application, you will be asked to select your audition/interview date. You will be contacted by a representative from the School of Theatre Arts and Dance with your audition time assignment for that date.

    What if my assigned audition time doesn't work for me?
    If you wish to change your assigned audition time, you may contact the School of Theatre Arts & Dance to inquire about securing another available timeslot.

    What if my audition material is longer than the listed time?
    Acting auditions will be cut off after 2 minutes and Musical Theatre auditions will be cut off after 4 minutes. You will not be permitted to continue past those time limits, even if you have not finished all of your material.

    Does UNC participate in the Unified Auditions?
    Yes, we conduct auditions at Unifieds. For the 2019-2020 year, we will be participating in the Los Angeles and New York Unifieds. If you wish to reserve an audition slot with UNC at the Unifieds, please reach out to the Recruitment Coordinator, Kendra Schneider, at Kendra.Schneider@unco.edu. Walk-ins are also accepted.

    How long will it take for an admission decision to be made?
    Admission decisions are generally made and communicated by email within 4 to 6 weeks of your audition (please allow additional time after the November auditions due to Winter break). If you do not receive an admission decision by April 1st, contact the School of Theatre Arts & Dance.

  • Scholarships

    How do I apply for theatre talent scholarships?
    All students admitted to the School of Theatre Arts and Dance are given scholarship consideration. Additional information about talent scholarship awards is provided in the acceptance email for each program.

    If I am awarded a talent scholarship, can I also earn an academic scholarship from UNC?
    Yes. Talent awards are given in addition to any merit or need-based scholarships you receive from the university. Your application for admission to UNC also serves as your application for our admission-based academic scholarships.

    Are there theatre scholarships available for non-majors?
    At this time we do not offer talent scholarships to non-theatre majors.

  • Resumes

    What should be on my resume?
    Your resume should list work you have done in theatre, including the title of each production, the role or type of work you performed, the location, and the director. You may also include information about your training, such as classes, private lessons, camps, or workshops. You are welcome to list any additional special skills and interests at the bottom of the resume.

    What file format should my resume be?
    We prefer that you submit your resume as a PDF to preserve your formatting. We will also accept .doc and .docx files. Please do not submit your resume as a .pages file or an image file.

  •  Letters of Recommendation

    Who should write my letters of recommendation?
    We prefer that at least one letter be from someone who has worked with you in a theatre setting, such as your high school drama teacher or a private instructor. The other may be from another teacher, a high school counselor, a coach, a clergy person, or someone not related to you that has known you for one or more years.

    Can I upload my letters of recommendation directly through the application?
    Yes, you will be given the option to upload your letters of recommendation.

    Can my references send the letters of recommendation directly to the Theatre department, or do I have to upload them?
    If your references prefer to send their letters directly to our department, you may provide their contact information in the application rather than uploading a letter. They will then be sent an email with instructions for uploading the letter on your behalf.

  • Headshots

    Do I need to have a professional headshot?
    Applicants to the Acting and Musical Theatre programs will be asked to upload a photo. If you do not have a professional headshot, a senior photo will be accepted.

    What file format should my headshot be?
    We prefer that you submit your headshot as an image file (such as a .jpg/.jpeg or .png) or a PDF.