Congratulations to Art & Design professor Anna Ursyn on having her art chosen for the MoonArk, part of the Moon Arts project set up by Carnegie Mellon University as the first collaborative mission of this kind involving several universities and organizations.  Her piece, entitled “Swarm,” will literally travel to the Moon in a capsule aboard a NASA lunar lander!

It is intended that the MoonArk will remain on the Moon as an enduring time capsule depicting elements of Earth’s art, architecture, design, music, drama, ballet, poetry, sciences, humanities, and technologies. Selected work will also be incorporated into a duplicate MoonArk object, which is expected to be included in a Moon Arts exhibition in various cities. In addition, all or part of the work may be included on websites and other electronic media and in exhibit catalogs, posters, displays, promotional materials, and other similar materials in connection with the Moon Arts Project and related exhibitions.

Read the UNC News article about Ursyn’s project

Above: Drawings of the MoonArk

Below: Anna Ursyn's Swarm

Anna Ursyn, Swarm