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School of Art and Design

Marching On

Marching On presents the theme of time through the eyes of artists Steve Burgos, Mackenzie Hopkinson, Madeleine Kemme, Jessica Kneefel, Elena Niermann, Alex Nunley, Kimberly Pine, and Sydney Wagner. [READ FULL POST]

Mariani Residency Group Exhibition

During the Fall 2020 semester, Mariani Gallery acted as a site for short-term (2 week), intensive residencies for PVA students seeking space to conceptualize, research, and make artwork in relationship to a theme of your choosing. The goal of this residency was to serve as an opportunity for students to develop new and original artwork unrelated to one's current coursework. [READ FULL POST]

Mariani Gallery 2019-2020

UNC's Mariani Gallery housed several art exhibits during the 2019-20 school year, including Printmaking in Practice, Fractured Enchantment, Catharsis in Color, Not Enough, Homosexual Menace, Regrowth and Decay, Shokran, and Happy Trails & Small Universe. [READ FULL POST]

2020 Annual Student Exhibition

The Annual Student Exhibition is a juried showcase of students artwork, representing all levels and studio concentrations within the School of Art & Design. [READ FULL POST]