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School of Art and Design

On display in Mariani: Katie Fahrenbruch's

This student exhibition was selected by guest jurors Corianna and Kristopher Wright. It is currently on display in Mariani Gallery in Guggenheim Hall. [READ FULL POST]

Amity: Katelynn Mai-Fusco

Amity features the work of Katelynn Mai-Fusco, a UNC Alumni living an working in Fort Collins, CO. Mai-Fusco works predominately with paper—one of the oldest mediums, having been used for centuries to tell stories. [READ FULL POST]

Armando Silva, Visual Artist

Greeley-based artist, teacher and performer, Armando Silva owns Artmando Studio, and supports the community through performance paintings, murals and an annual hip-hop dance festival. [READ FULL POST]

Jeremiah Corder Named 2018's Best Queer Artist

UNC Art & Design Alum Jeremiah Corder was recently named 2018's Best Queer Artist by OutFront Magazine. [READ FULL POST]