March 4 - 22, 2019
Mariani Gallery, Guggenheim Hall

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 6, 4-6pm

Fahrenbruch is prone to compartmentalizing moments in order to distill the most positive parts for later remembrance and reflection. This manner of thinking has affected her studio practice in such a way that she constructs physical representations of various compartmentalization in each of her acrylic paintings. Fahrenbruch's work calls attention to the little hidden worlds of beauty that exist all around us. These microcosms can be found in something as mundane as a cluster of ripe berries, colorful lichen growing on a boulder, or the rhythmically chaotic angles of cactus spines. The challenge in translating these discoveries into painted images lies in finding a balance between a faithful rendering of the subject and portraying the subjective wonder of a single, specific instance. The artist achieves this by focusing her attention on certain visual elements which she finds the most intriguing. These details are rarely the most immediately visually apparent, and often are something that hold far more personal interest. By focusing on these subjective minutiae, her work serves as a marker to show that there is always more beauty and intrigue to be found than what we have taught ourselves to see.

Katie Fahrenbuch: Microcosms 

Walking Trees, Acrylic on canvas, 20"x48", 2018.

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