December 1 - 8, 2017
Oak Room Gallery, Crabbe Hall

The site chosen for the BIG DITCH project includes all public access sites along Greeley #3 Ditch within Greeley city limits. This collaborative project took place over the course of one week (November 27 - December 1).

For the BIG DITCH workshop, students collaborated with ZCC in the collection, categorization and assemblage of objects found along the #3 Ditch. The locations and profiles of these objects were marked through a codified system of “glyphs” installed on site. The glyphs used for BIG DITCH were designed to directly reference a municipal system of mark making through gesture and color. Students catalogued the objects collected along the #3 Ditch through photographs, drawings and geotagging to present the scope of the BIG DITCH project in the Oak Room Gallery.