The photo shows participants in the Inaugural Art History Symposium from left to right: Conner Hemphill, Hannah Lim, Lindsey Howard, Dana O’Toole, Kit Veto, Megan Maddocks.

All UNC School of Art and Design were invited to submit a one-page abstract to give a 20-minute talk on a topic within the history of art. Six undergraduates presented papers in our Inaugural Art History Symposium held on Friday, March 3. The symposium was competitive, and the jury included UNC alumni Neely Patton, an art history professor and Dean of Academics at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Congratulations to Megan Maddocks for being chosen to represent UNC at the Front Range Art History and Visual Culture Consortium Symposium at Colorado State University on April 8, 2017.

Students and Presentation Titles:

Megan Maddocks: Migrant Mother Migrates to the Heart

Conner Hemphill: Minoan Pottery

Dana O’Toole: Dissonance Within our Culture: Using the Sistine Chapel and the Popol Vuh to examine similarities in cultures

Lindsey Howard: Art and Science: the Studies of Leonard Shlain

Kit Veto: Saturn Devouring His Son: Saturn as Francisco Goya’s Self-Reflection

Hannah Lim: Exploration of Identity in Nikki S Lee’s “Layers”

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