UNC Art & Design Alum Jeremiah Corder was recently named 2018's Best Queer Artist by OutFront Magazine. Jeremiah graduated with a double major in Graphic Design and Photography from UNC. 

"Jeremiah Corder is a gay photographer based in Denver. By day, he works for an advertising agency. By night, he takes photographs—often times highlighting our queer community. Most of his work within the LGBTQ community is of drag queens, leading to a colorful and fantastic portfolio of subjects such as Yvie Oddly and Luka Ghost. He’s done photoshoots for OUT FRONT—you saw his vibrant, colorful work in our Summer and Bodies, Halloween, Pride, and Power Gala issues.

He’s thoughtful about his place as a queer artist in the Denver community, and his work stands out as bold and entirely unique."