The 2017 UNC Arts Gala will feature art by Art & Design student Lili Silva. Read more about Lili and her work in the interview below.

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 Interview with Lili

1) What is your year and major at UNC?

I am a senior. My major is in Art and Design, emphasis in Ceramics and Sculpture, though I am hoping to add Photography.

2) What are you doing in this year’s Gala?

I have art work in both upstairs and downstairs gallery showings. I have work for both Ceramics and Sculpture.

3) Can you tell us some specifics about the art work you will have displayed?

My work that I will be displaying in ceramics is going to be functional. In my ceramics work I try to work with many textures and also the look of freezing a moment. In my sculptures I want a sense that everyone has a shell and that everyone changes even though they do not think they do. 

4) Is there anything you would like to share about the inspiration for your pieces?  

My inspiration to my art is being able to problem solve and create something with my hands. I am not  the greatest at book work, but if you put an object or raw material in front of me, I will figure out what to do with it or make something. That is what inspires me to do my art.

Lili Silva, Art & Design Student