Lili Silva, a recent graduate of the School of Art & Design, with emphases in Sculpture and Ceramics, has been selected for the Greeley Sculpture on Loan program. Her piece, A Ripple Forgotten, has been installed on 10th Ave and 16th St and will be on display for one year.

 Artist’s Statement

Silva writes:

A Ripple Forgotten is the second piece in a series. In this piece I applied the concept of the Native Americans’ use of pictographs and petroglyphs. The stylized lightning bolt represents the thought that in life, things can happen as fast as lightning.

The piece is also inspired by Native Americans’ feelings about the importance of preserving and protecting resources for future generations. For numerous centuries, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have understood the importance of their resources and creating a sustainable future.  A Ripple Forgotten is a depiction of this thought, as the ripple ascends upwards to its conclusion. The “ripple” decreases in size, becoming smaller until it becomes no more.

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