At the upcoming UNC Showcase of the Arts, School of Art & Design student and 2016 Southard Award Winner Olivia Davies will give a presentation entitled The Serpent about her body of art work that incorporates real snake skins with other media.

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“Working with paint and mixed media allows me to layer emotive color and texture as if I am leaving traces of past experiences behind. Stacking imagery implies the passing of time as I am faced with the reality that recovery is a process, not an immediate change.” —Olivia Davies

Olivia is a senior in Painting and Art Education in the School of Art and Design. For the past year, she has been working as a gallery assistant at the Mariani Gallery. She has also worked as a studio assistant and as Project Coordinator for the Center for Integrated Arts Education, all at the University of Northern Colorado. Her numerous awards include Best in Show at the 48th Annual Young People’s Art Exhibition and the Ellinger Award for Painters of Promise. Olivia works in mixed media and explores themes of biology and symbolism in her artwork. She has widely exhibited both locally and regionally.