In 2016, MOA (Englewood, CO) opened Daniel Sprick: Painting Out-of-Doors, a new exhibition featuring a collection of plein air paintings by renowned Denver-based oil painter, Daniel Sprick, who is also a University of Northern Colorado grad.  Sprick is best known for the photograph-like quality of his paintings, which are included in personal and institutional collections across the nation.

Daniel Sprick: Painting Out-of-Doors featured over 50 paintings, all of which were on exhibit for the first time. This unique body of work, created specifically for this MOA exhibition, evolved while Sprick was teaching abroad in Italy. He was inspired to create works out-of-doors and continued working with nature as his subject when he returned to the United States.

Sprick described the enthusiasm for his new muse with this statement:

"I love working outdoors where the light changes so rapidly - every moment is urgent, and it holds your attention so completely. You become absorbed in the moment, and there isn't a single second to lose".


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