For the first couple of hours this morning before opening the gallery, I spent time reading some articles that the library provided for me about Chris Petteys.  While I obviously had some prior knowledge on who she was and what she did, reading through the articles gave me some more insight into who she was not just as a person, but as a collector and academic.  The more I read, the more I began to appreciate just what a special opportunity I have to be able to pick up some of where she left off. 

  Elizabeth Alexander - A Cage No Less

Since today was the final setup day for the UNC Arts Gala, Pam and her crew were off working hard at the UCCC. So, since those who usually work in the gallery were off working hard, I wrapped up the rest of my shift opening the gallery for a couple hours for the Skin Deep exhibition in Mariani Gallery.

Thursday's have become my designated day working in the basement of the library in archives.  Today, we wasted no time and I got straight to work.  Over the course of the last week, the archives had discovered two new boxes related to the Petteys collection and so it became my job to sift through them and see what I could find.  There were a few books that appeared to be reference material Chris used in her research, Leslie's – Chris's daughter – dissertation on an American pianist, a 1976 copy of the Denver Post with an article that noted Chris, a travel journal Chris kept on her journey from Rome down into Egypt, a packing list for said trip, some appraisal documents for the collection, and a binder full of invoices and correspondence for the physical works within the collection.  

   UNC Archives Stacks

As nerdy as I can almost guarantee it makes me sound, I couldn't get enough of reading the letters sent back and forth between Chris and the people she was buying work from.  It provided a new perspective into both the process of collecting art, as well as just a cool look into the behind the scenes work Chris did with Robert (her husband) in order to build up the collection to what it is now. Unfortunately, the end of my shift came before the end of the boxes; So I honestly cannot wait to get back into those boxes next week and see what else I can find! 
Just a short one this week --  can't wait to see what more the next week will bring.