In residence: Summer 2018

On view in Mariani Gallery: August 23 – October 6, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 23, 4-9pm

Jodi Stuart creates a techno-toxic playground in her latest site-specific installation, Super Synthetic at Mariani Gallery. The exhibition will feature ambitious, large-scale 3D printed works such as a faux climbing wall comprised of Stuart's "Knot" works and a hanging swing made from plastic playground/saftey hardware colored in "saftey yellow". A riot of color and texture that attracts and repels, Super Synthetic invites playful associations with intensely tactile materials, causing the viewer to contantly resist squeezing, picking up, and touching the work. 

Stuart's work explores the look of digital technologies that saturate our everyday lives, in relation to tactle and sensory experiences. The artist's practiceis deeply interested in the desire to re-insert the body into virtual experience - and/or - to materialize physcial objects from the virtual. Stuart's sculptural forms are made using the plastic filaments intended for 3D digital printing. By using a '3D pen', Stuart has replaced the computer with the human hand in a kind of nostologic, futile but beautiful, gesture. Throught this combination of materials and forms, Stuart creates an uneasy optical space where craft traditions such as weaving, knitting, and basketmaking are juxtaposted with abstracted virtual space, that hints at neutal networks, cloud computing, information, and bio-systems. 

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