September 19, 2019 – March 14, 2020 in UNC Campus Commons Gallery

Visit Yucca Fountain... it's not a mirage! It's the gallery restoration of a 1950s atomic era soda fountain by Boston-based artists Andrew Bablo and Helen Popinchalk. Yucca Fountain is a place that could only have existed in the badlands of the American west.

In its heyday, Yucca Fountain was the watering hole and gathering spot. It beckoned travelers emerging from the desert with the promise of a cold, sweet milkshake. It was a place to get a malt and watch the distant mushroom plumes expand in the stratosphere.

Set within the heart of Greeley, Colorado, this restoration pays homage to the zenith of ice cream culture and the atomic sublime. We welcome a new generation of patrons to experience Yucca Fountain first hand and savor this piece of history... while it lasts!

Read about Yucca Fountain in the Greeley Tribune

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