UNC Theatre Arts & Dance alum Beth Malone stars as the Angel in the Broadway revival of Angels in America. The production recently won a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play. Check out the articles and promo video below to learn more!


Read an interview with Beth Malone about her role

Beth Malone, Angels in America

The New York Times on Instagram writes about the Angel character:

The Angel is a messenger from heaven who visits a gay man with AIDS to tell him that he is a prophet. In the production of the 2-part play that’s on Broadway through July 15, the Angel is not an ethereal creature who flies gracefully through the air. Now, when she flies she has 5 bodies, or Angel Shadows, to support her. The Shadows — 3 dancers and 2 puppeteers — are one of the most remarkable elements about this Tony Award-winning production. They’re responsible for propelling the Angel into the air and operating her heavy wings. This Angel is broken down and dusty, wearing a tattered, disintegrating costume. “I had an idea of this clean angel coming from the ceiling,” said Amanda Lawrence, who originated the part in London and performed for weeks in New York. “But she is like a cockroach, she’s an insect, she’s damaged — she’s like his disease.”