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School of Theatre Arts and Dance

Gilian McNalley

School of Theatre Arts and Dance Professor Gillian McNally and Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education Amanda Rutter are presenting a paper titled "Can Theatre for the Very Young Dare to Talk about Prejudice and Inclusion?" [READ FULL POST]

TEDx Cherry Creek Women

Actor Betty Hart calls for a canceling of cancel culture and a flourishing of compassion and curiosity in this TEDx Talk. We are honored to welcome Betty as director of the 2020 Speaks production this spring! [READ FULL POST]

Betty Hart

We are thrilled to announce three new guest artists and instructors that will be working with theatre and dance students in the spring semester of 2021. [READ FULL POST]

Transitions in Leadership Announced in School of Theatre Arts and Dance

The School of Theatre Arts and Dance (STAD) is pleased to announce new faculty and administrative appointments for the 2019-2020 academic year. [READ FULL POST]