Actor Richard Robichaux will teach a graduate theatre course this summer for students in UNC's MA in Theatre Education program. Robichaux has appeared in Boyhood and Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt, and he will appear in the upcoming film, Ocean's 8.

Robichaux teaches at UC San Diego, which recently made it onto The Hollywood Reporter'slist of top 25 MFA programs.

Directing/Acting for Realism

Course Description:

This course in an intensive look at the principles of the Meisner Technique and how it is used in acting and directing realism in film, television, and theatre. We will explore several exercises teachers/directors can use when working in realism which help to produce truthful behavior from the actor on set and on stage. THED 540 is a laboratory or practicum course requiring active student presentation of assigned acting projects. Outside preparation and homework are required for all sessions. Working in pairs, each student will participate in improvisational and prepared scenes on a daily basis. In addition, each actor will be required to independently prepare and present various acting exercises. The course will use the camera as a teaching tool and explore the vocuabulary and techniques used to act on camera.

Course Goals:

The exercises and assignments in this course are designed to give the student a deeper understanding of acting and directing in realism, both on stage and in film.

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