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School of Art and Design

Longshadow: Shyra DeSouza

Longshadow is a collection of mini installations of interior home spaces that emphasize the monumental, curio cabinet, or trophy-like relationship to kitsch items. Each contains a combination of assembled objects, as well as elaborate, serpentine objects created by the artist. Other small items are incorporated in an unnervingly awkward and sparse way. Complex layered shadows create an abstraction of the forms, enabling the viewer to see many angles/perspectives at once. [READ FULL POST]

The Ballast: Anja Marais

Anja Marais will take over the Mariani Gallery with her installation THE BALLAST. The installation will create an environment that questions the experience of change, stagnation, and our ability to embrace surrender. Anja’s work builds an intricate visual poem into the space that brings forth a feeling of contemplation and longing. [READ FULL POST]

2015 Colorado Art Education Association Exhibit

The 2015 Colorado Art Education Association Exhibition is based on an “assignment” style of creating. It is a project/process/idea oriented show first shown the summer of 2014. Throughout the process there were ideas and suggestions to insert and add to their work as it was developed. [READ FULL POST]

Annual Student Exhibition 2015

Recent artworks from UNC students chosen by juror, Adam Lerner, director and chief animator of department of fabrications of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. The exhibition features an extensive and varied body of work including printmaking, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design, digital art, and photography. [READ FULL POST]