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School of Art and Design

Yucca Fountain

Visit Yucca Fountain... it's not a mirage! It's the gallery restoration of a 1950s atomic era soda fountain by Boston-based artists Andrew Bablo and Helen Popinchalk. [READ FULL POST]

Digital painting of a koi fish

Meet Meet Lille Wesley, UNC's galleries summer volunteer and see what she's up to this summer. [READ FULL POST]

Lina Sanchez:

Sanchez is a storyteller who uses her acrylic paintings and films as physical representations of her fictional, written stories. [READ FULL POST]

The Sum of Our Hearts: Grace Hoag, Kamri Flores, Madison McMullen, Madeline Sterns, Amarie Stocker

The Sum of our Hearts is a collection of work by five emerging artists, all connected by their heart lines. This group of painters, photographers, and digital artists explores themes including emotional states of mind and memory. The variety of media is used to create gestural marks to express each individual voice based on personal memory. Moving between figuration and abstraction, these artists explore the veil covering past memories. [READ FULL POST]