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School of Art and Design

Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness is a group show featuring the work of Ryan Lehmuth, Alexis Mayne, and Kendra Myers. While each artist has varying concepts and themes, all of their work is based on the idea of shared understanding and refers to a certain set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes and knowledge that are common to each individual. [READ FULL POST]

Yucca Fountain

Visit Yucca Fountain... it's not a mirage! It's the gallery restoration of a 1950s atomic era soda fountain by Boston-based artists Andrew Bablo and Helen Popinchalk. [READ FULL POST]

Digital painting of a koi fish

Meet Meet Lille Wesley, UNC's galleries summer volunteer and see what she's up to this summer. [READ FULL POST]

Lina Sanchez:

Sanchez is a storyteller who uses her acrylic paintings and films as physical representations of her fictional, written stories. [READ FULL POST]