Admission to the School of Art & Design

Undergraduate Degrees

UNC offers a Bachelor of Art degree in Art & Design. Our program provides opportunities for you to develop your talents and prepare for a rewarding career in the visual arts. You will learn a wide range of technical and conceptual skills, media, and processes.

Degrees Offered

Art Emphasis
The art emphasis is a liberal arts program designed to give students broad exposure to the studio arts and art history. It prepares the artist and craftsperson. It is an ideal preparatory program for students planning to do advanced or graduate study in art and art history. Students can choose a concentration in Ceramics, Drawing, Computer Graphics, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

Art History Emphasis
The art history emphasis is a program preparing the student for an academic career in Art History, and provides the student with the basic skills needed for graduate level coursework. This emphasis requires the student to be competent in the visual arts, including an understanding of artistic techniques, styles, historical context and various research methodologies. The student will also demonstrate competency of an appropriate foreign language for continual research and scholarly development.

Visual Communication Design Emphasis
The Visual Communication Design emphasis offers programs of study designed to allow students to become effective conceptual thinkers and creative problem solvers as they expand their visual/technical communication skills. Course experiences are designed to allow students to investigate the complexities of commercial fields of art, such as computer graphics, graphic design, illustration, advertising, photography, publications, and other areas of visual communications. Two concentration areas are available: Graphic Design and Photographic Imaging.

Graphic Design Concentration
This program prepares students to work as visual thinkers and communicators using a variety of traditional print and emerging electronic media.

Photographic Imaging Concentration
Courses in photographic imaging have been designed to increase an understanding of the most universal language in the world today - that of photographic images. Courses are designed to provide experiences in the fundamentals of photographic imaging, which will lead to the achievement of objectives. Traditional photographic techniques, as well as experimental, non-traditional, and digital imaging techniques, are included in the curriculum.

K – 12 Teaching Emphasis
The art education emphasis is a K-12 teacher education program that prepares students to teach visual arts in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. The art education program requires competency in visual art technique and processes, analysis of the place of the arts in our historical heritage and current community, and the ability to apply the arts to human growth and learning. Satisfactory completion of requirements leads to K-12 art education licensure.

Graduate Degrees

The graduate program in the School of Art & Design offers a Master of Arts degree with an in-depth and individualized course of study. The program provides opportunities for the K-12 art educator seeking Master’s Degree to develop advanced expertise in art education, art history, and studio arts. The M.A. degree can also be used in preparation for further graduate studies. It is the goal of the School of Art & Design to encourage, foster, and provide academic rigor and artistic excellence.

Graduates of the Master of Arts degree program in Art & Design are often already involved with a career in art education and many of them return to teaching art. Other successful graduates are working throughout the nation and abroad as school arts administrators, museum educators, art curators, and directors of community art centers, state arts agencies and non-profit arts organizations. Several graduates have gone on to careers in related fields such as art and the law, entertainment, management, publishing, and new technologies.

Degrees Offered

On-Campus Master of Arts Program

Low Residency Master of Arts Program