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Art Education

The Art Education program prepares students to teach visual arts in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. The blend of philosophical and theoretical studies, studio practices, art history and pedagogy courses develops a comprehensive understanding of how to implement strong arts education programs in schools as well as utilize arts-based research skills. The program emphasizes competency in contemporary art, cultural understandings, and studio art techniques to apply the arts to human learning within various community and societal structures .

Art Education Student Teaching

Student Teaching

The capstone experience concludes with sixteen weeks of student teaching.

Sugar Beet Ties

Art Education Student Work

Sugar Beet Ties

Art Education Studio Work

Studio Work

Studio, art history, and education requirements provide K-12 art education licensure.

Lisabel Davila

Art Education Student Work

Lisabel Davila

Collaborations with local schools

Art Education Coursework

Students begin the program exploring the purposes and practices of making art within a contemporary culture. They apply their learning to art education classrooms through a variety of practicum experiences. Students are qualified to obtain Colorado K-12 Art Education licensure upon completion of the program.

Success Stories

Art Education student Olivia Davies selected as 2017 Southard winner for the School of Art and Design. See Olivia's work.

Olivia Davies, UNC Art Education Student

Faculty & Staff

Donna Goodwin, School of Art and Design Faculty


School of Art and Design
Associate Professor

Crabbe 207
(970) 351-2804

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Connie Stewart, School of Art and Design Faculty


 Art Education
Professor of Art

Crabbe 208
(970) 351-2426

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