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School of Art and Design

The UNC School of Art & Design is, and has long been, a leader in the preparation of distinguished artists and art educators in Colorado and beyond. Our challenging and comprehensive curriculum integrates in-depth studio and classroom exploration with education in aesthetics, criticism, and art history. Students in the School of Art and Design gain hands-on studio experience in a nationally accredited program with small class sizes and an emphasis on individual attention. Our curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to explore different media and expand their knowledge under the guidance of faculty artists.

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Areas of Study

Art Education Area at UNC

Art Education

The art K-12 teacher education program prepares students to teach visual arts in elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

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Ceramics Area at UNC


Students are introduced to the process of making ceramics beginning with clay body composition through procedures for firing kilns and glazing techniques & formulas.

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Digital Media Area at UNC

Digital Media

Offering state-of-the-art computer imaging, artistic exploration and knowledge beyond visualizing scientific concepts; skills often sought by employers.

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Drawing Emphasis at UNC


Emphasis includes composition, content, technical concerns, use of color and a range of material use from traditional to contemporary alternatives.

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Graphic Design Area at UNC

Graphic Design

Work as creative visual thinkers and communicators using a variety of traditional print and emerging digital media.

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Metals Area at UNC


Classes offered in basic and advanced techniques and processes for the creation of wearable art.

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Painting at UNC


Teaching technical painting ability and vocabulary, development of individual expression leading to thematic connections.

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Photography Area at UNC


Provides fundamentals of photograpic imaging that aides in understanding of traditional techniques, experimental and non-traditional digital imaging.

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Printmaking Area at UNC


Offers courses in Relief Printmaking, Monotypes, Screen Printing, and Letterpress.

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Sculpture Area at UNC


Learn a variety of sculpture making techniques including welding, ceramic shell casting, assemblage in a studio spaces indoors and outdoors.

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Art Galleries

Campus Commons Gallery

Campus Commons, First Floor

Constructed in 2018, Campus Commons Gallery is the largest of our exhibition spaces, located in Campus Commons: a student-centered campus hub. CC Gallery hosts six originally curated, contemporary exhibitions per year. Campus Commons Gallery is an originally curated exhibition space and does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Mariani Gallery

Guggenheim Hall, Room 100

Mariani Gallery is an exhibition space that has served the Northern Colorado and Weld County communities since 1972. Each exhibition explores concepts and themes through interdisciplinary collaboration, exposing our students to a variety of processes, methods, and art making choices.

Oak Room Gallery

Crabbe Hall, Room 201

A quaint and charmingly unique gallery area in which the exhibitions are curated to enhance and complement the history of the space.

Gallery Hours

Campus Commons Gallery

M-F: 9am-5pm

Mariani Gallery

M, W, F: 9am-5pm
T, TR: 9-11am, 2-5pm

Oak Room Gallery

M, W: 9am-5pm
T, TR:
9-11am, 2:30-4pm




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