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UNC Galleries

The Galleries are a teaching program of the School of Art and Design that employs an ambitious exhibition and Visiting Artist Program to signal UNC’s core mission to promote student-centered, effective learning. The Galleries’ core mission cultivates learning, celebrates artistic excellence, and inspires a lifelong involvement in art and design for our students. 

The Galleries' exhibition program embraces curatorial risk-taking, highlighting proacative content, and socially relevant topics that feature regional, national and international artists ranging from emerging to established. The Galleries involve the participation of faculty and students as the advisors, co-curators, and collaborators that enable the program to often realize new work.

The Visiting Artist Program welcomes experts from around the country to 
Greeley for one-day campus visits or week-long "micro-residencies." The program offers unique opportunities for firsthand discussion with artists, curators, and scholars to provide a closer look at how creative professionals live and work. Visitors present their work in a public lecture and are integrated into the curriculum through targeted, intentional classroom visits, individual student critiques and collaborative workshops. 

On View In the Galleries:

Yucca Fountain
September 19, 2019 - March 14, 2020
Campus Commons Gallery

Andrew Bablo & Pat Milbery: In A New Light 1 & 2
Mural Permanently on View
Crabbe Hall Lobby, Crabbe Hall

Featured Videos of Our Latest Exhibitions:

Jessica Forrestal: ConStructs and ConFines
February 7 - March 30, 2019
Campus Commons Gallery


Mackenzie Browning: GREEN SCREEN
October 22 - December 8, 2018
Mariani Gallery