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About The Program

The Integrated Media Arts focus area offers a comprehensive set of courses that delve into creative problem solving with a wide array of cutting-edge tools, including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), video projection, digital illustration, creative thinking, video production and game design. This interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary curriculum empowers students to explore new technologies and gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in these emerging fields.   

The program is designed to nurture your creative vision and experiment fearlessly with the help of highly qualified faculty in various departments across campus. You will be exposed to a series of carefully curated courses to help you master the art of storytelling by captivating audiences with unique visual experiences that leave a lasting impact. 

  • Pathways

    Pathway Options in Integrated Media Arts

    Game Design:  
    An interdisciplinary pathway merging game theory, design principles, and concept development to foster innovative game design. It emphasizes introductory design skills, storytelling, and hands-on prototyping for practical experience.  

    Digital and Time-Based Arts:  
    A pathway focused on exploring animation, interactive media, and visual storytelling. It emphasizes creative expertise and technical proficiency in various media and digital platforms. 

    Immersive Media:  
    Pathway exploring forefront of immersive media arts like augmented and virtual reality, video projection mapping, while diving into interactive storytelling and contemporary arts practices in experiential digital design.   

    Meet the Faculty

  • Beyond the Classroom

    UNC Galleries

    The Galleries are a teaching program of the School of Art and Design that supports UNC’s mission to promote student-centered, effective learning. Our exhibition program embraces curatorial risk-taking and highlights thought provoking and socially relevant context from regional and nationally recognized artists. The Galleries involve the participation of faculty and students as the advisors, co-curators, and collaborators that enable the program to often realize new work.

    Visit UNC Galleries

    Southard Art Awards

    The Southard Award is the School of Art and Design’s most prestigious competition. Students submit a written proposal selected for a public presentation of creative work. The objective for the competitive process is provide students with an opportunity to develop the materials, documentation and conceptual sophistication, needed in order to pursue advanced academic or professional opportunities upon graduation from UNC.

    Learn More about the Southard Art Awards
  • Curriculum

    Students learn techniques for image quality, artistic development for concepts, 3D printing, animation, video production, digital illustration, scientific illustration, and technical illustration, along with storyboarding, storyline development, storytelling techniques, character development, visual music, and graphic arts. The program combines hands-on experience in integrating various computer-based technologies and exploring options to merge some traditional work. 

    Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art Concentration

    Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate

    The Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate can be incorporated into undergraduate studies and consists of twelve credits for completion including students' areas of interest. 

    Learn more about the Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate

  • Applications and Scholarships


    Admission to the School of Art & Design does not require any additional steps beyond the UNC application. When you apply for admission to UNC, simply indicate that you would like to declare a major in Art & Design. 

    Integrated Media Arts Admission Requirements


    The College of Performing and Visual Arts awards over $1.8 million in scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students in the arts. There are multiple scholarship types offered to students, including talent scholarships and foundation scholarships. To learn more, visit the PVA Scholarship page.

    PVA Scholarships

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