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Our exhibition program embraces curatorial risk-taking and highlights thought-provoking and socially relevant context from regional and nationally recognized artists. The Galleries involve the participation of faculty and students as the advisors, co-curators, and collaborators that enable the program to often realize new work.


Campus Commons Gallery


Mariani Gallery


Oak Room Gallery

2023-2024 Exhibitions and Events

Campus Commons Gallery

Crafting the Stage: Design Works by UNC Faculty

Elaborando el escenario: trabajo de diseño de maestros de la UNC
August 21 - Sept 10

Opening Reception: Aug 31, 5 - 7pm
Artists: Anne M. Toewe, Brian Hapcic, and Mary Houston

See what it takes to make our theatre productions happen! This exhibit brings back favorite theatre designs from the last 20 years of UNC School of Theatre Arts and Dance productions and features works by Theatre Design and Technology faculty Anne M Toewe, Brian Hapcic and Mary Houston.

Parallels: A Collection of Prints Inspired by Poems

Paralelos: Colección de impresiones inspiradas por poemas
Sept 15 - Oct 13

Opening Reception: Thurs, Oct 5 | 5-7pm

This exhibition brings together 12 poets and 12 printmakers in a conversation between the visual arts and the written word. Based on a process of exchange and response, these works explore themes of domesticity, language and citizenship, natural and constructed worlds and the emotional ties that connect us.  

Distinguished Speaker Series:

Armando Silva, Visual Artist

Sat, Sep 23 | 1 pm | Campus Commons

Our own visual arts alum Armando Silva talks about building a portfolio, followed by a portfolio workshop and review session.

El Reino de los Muertos: Realm of the Dead 

Paralelos: Colección de impresiones inspiradas por poemas
Oct 20 - Nov 21

Opening Reception: Wed, Nov 1 | 5-7pm
Artist Talk: Thurs, Oct 19 | 5pm
Artist: Cal Duran

We are not alone. We are all on the same journey as the ones before us; death is the universal tie that connects us all. Enter the realm of the non-forgotten. As the visceral microcosm lays parallel within our realm, step into the realm of the dead, a realm where we can honor and remember the vast celestial weaves of our ancestors.

Annual Student Juried Exhibition

Exposición anual de alumnos
Nov 22 - Dec 6

Opening Reception: Thurs, Nov 30| 5-7pm | Awards at 6pm
Artists: UNC Students

Check out works by UNC students selected by external juror Kristen Bukowski!

Throughlines: Musical Palette, Rhapsody in Raag Jog and Form Follows Movement

Jan 23 - Feb 15 | Campus Commons

Performance Event: Jan 19 | 7:30pm | Free admission
Creators: UNC faculty Kati Rittner, Drew Zaremba & Samuel Dong Saul

This mixed bill will have you on the edge of your seat with a highly immersive interdiciplinary performance, including music with live painting, dance with Hindustani fusion music and motion tracker technology with dance and 3D printing. Come find out how this unique performance space and experience plays out.

Expansive Borders: Contemporary Printmaking Along the Colorado River Basin

Fronteras en expansión: grabados contemporaneos en la cuenca del río Colorado
Feb 22 - Mar 21

Opening Reception: Thurs, Mar 7| 5-7pm 
Artists: Collaboration of Contemporary Printmakers

In collaboration with Mo’Print 2024 and UNC Galleries, this exhibition brings together a selection of contemporary printmakers from along the Colorado River basin. The Colorado River is a vital source of water and life for millions of people and animals as well as an iconic symbol of the American West. Expansive Borders draws upon the ecological and cultural significance of the basin to reflect the vibrant printmaking communities that exist in this region. 

Southard Exhibition

Exposición Southard
Mar 27 - Apr 17

Opening Reception: Thurs, Apr 4| 5-7pm 
Artists: UNC Students

This is our annual exhibition of student work in tandem with the Southard Art Awards.

UNC Graphic Design Senior Show

Exposición de alumnos de diseño de último semestre 
Apr 23 - May 9

Opening Reception: Thurs, Apr 25| 5-7pm 
Artists: UNC Students

See the senior portfolio exhibition from UNC Graphic Design students. 

Mariani Gallery

Memory Bread

Aug 21 - Sept 21

Opening Reception: Aug 31, 5 - 7pm
Artist Talk: Wed, Sept 6 | 5-6pm | Guggenheim 001
Solo Artist: Nisiqi

Memory Bread is a daily performance ritual of studying Mongolian words by literally consuming them. The duration of this continuous action varies depending on the artist’s physical and mental ability to eat. Memory Bread seeks to address the generational decline of mother language use in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a postcolonized province of China. This work presents the artist, as a Chinese-Mongolian longing for their native culture, confronting a powerlessness to retrieve it. 


Oct 5 - Nov 16

Opening Reception: Oct 5, 5 - 7pm
Solo Artist: Lisa Lockman

Lisa Lockman’s interests in ancestry, specifically the women of her paternal side, coupled with new technologies in art and ceramics are the major influences in her current work. The exhibition “Misplaced” celebrates the complexity of our female ancestors who have become lost, misplaced, and even erased with time. It is the entanglement of our ancestry, when we include our maternal lines, that inspires this work. 

Digging Deeper Series: Lisa Lockman, Ceramics Artist

Wed, Oct 4 | 5pm | Guggenheim Hall 001

Come hear Lockman, who is known for exploring ancestry and female lineage, talk about her artwork, influences and the use of new media technologies in ceramics. Her exhibition Misplaced will be on view Oct 5 to Nov 16 in Mariani Gallery.


Jan 16 - Feb 16

Opening Reception: Thurs, Feb 1, 5-7 pm
Artist Talk: Wed, Jan 31 | 5pm
Artist: Migiwa Orimo

Migiwa Orimo’s exhibition ]MARGINS[ is a selection of her recent work. Using notions of gap, slippage and margins as points of entry, Orimo explores unaddressed spaces between “fields and woods,” “shown and hidden” and “public and private.” 

Foundations Exhibition

Feb 22 - Mar 8

Opening Reception: Thurs, Mar 7, 5-7 pm
Artists: UNC Students

View a selection of works by UNC Foundations students.

Justice by Video

Mar 14 - Apr 13

Community Forum: Wed, Apr 3, 5:30-6:30 pm
Opening Reception: Thurs, Apr 4, 5-7 pm
Artist: Sandra Riskovska

From cell phones to police body cameras, todays’ courts increasingly use video evidence. Yet U.S. courts lack clear measures on how video can be used and presented as evidence in court in ways that reduce biases in judgment. Justice by Video, examines the use of video as evidence in state and federal court trials in criminal, immigration, and ‘American Indian’ law (1990-2020). It argues that when the law assumes that seeing is intuitive, it risks replicating, and indeed justifying, a wider politics of exclusion based on markers of identity and belonging.  

UNC Student Proposed Exhibitions

Apr 9-17

Macey Boren
Catherine Cummings

Apr 23 - May 1

Painting II Student Group

Oak Room Gallery

ahí les mandas saludos

Aug 21 - Sept 21

Opening Reception: Thurs, Aug 31, 5-7 pm
Artist Talk: Wed, Aug 30 | 5pm
Artist: Kiara Aileen Machado

This exhibition features a series of self-portraits by artist Kiara Machado in which the artist is clad in shirts brought back from Guatemala and El Salvador. The presence of this clothing evokes the complex negotiations of power present in Central American tourist industries, opening a dialogue of borders, forced displacement, colonialism, privatization of land, and how women's bodies are commodified. 

Tacit Knowing

Sept 29 - Oct 26

Opening Reception: Oct 5, 5 - 7pm
Solo Artist: Liz Quan

Liz Quan’s organic forms rest in the spaces between pattern and randomness, growth and stillness, fragility and strength. These elemental forms create a sense of contemplation and memory through movement, sound, color, and grace. Like shells, stones, or prayer beads, they engage all the senses and touch something fundamental within us. 

Patterns of Consumption

Nov 2 - Nov 30

Opening Reception: Nov 16, 5 - 7pm
Solo Artist: Kalliopi Monoyios

What do seemingly small decisions we make - to order take out, to floss daily, to upgrade our tech - look like in aggregate? Artist Kalliopi Monoyios holds a mirror up to our behavior by capturing the waste that's left behind as a by-product of these decisions and turning it into art objects that once again have value. 


Jan 22 - Mar 1

Opening Reception: Thurs, Feb 1, 5 - 7pm
Artist Talk: Tues, Feb 20, 5pm
Artist: Julie Moon

UNC Student Proposed Exhibitions

Mar 26 - Apr 3

Sasha Krause

Apr 9-17

Allison Dunn

Apr 23 - May 1

Flor Marisela Leos

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