Introducing Our Summer Artists In Residence:
Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Andrew Bablo, and Pat Milbery

The Galleries are undergoing renovations and exciting changes this summer with the help of three summer artists in residence. Stay tuned for our new look and join us on Thursday, August 24, 4-8pm, for the big unveil!

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Summer 2017 Exhibitions

Dylan Gebbia-Richards

In Residence June 15 - August 21, 2017
Open Studio Hours: Fri, July 7, 4:30-7pm & Tues, July 25, 5-7:30pm

Mariani & Annex Galleries

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This site-specific exhibition is made possible with the generous support of KAMA Pigments and our local Lowe's of Greeley.

Kama Pigments

Summer 2017 Events

Andrew Bablo & Pat Milbery

August 14 - 23, Oak Room, Crabbe Hall
Mural unveil and reception, August 24, 4-8pm

Boston-based artist and Founder of Steez Magazine & Design, Andrew Bablo, is teaming up with artist and professional snowboarder, Pat Milbery of Denver, CO. This east coast/west coast collaboration will revitalize the exterior of our Oak Room Gallery and Crabbe Hall lobby by creating an immersive, site-specific experience to inspire our students and guests.

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Mariani Gallery

Since 1972, the Mariani Gallery has served the Northern Colorado and Weld County communities. Its outreach is increasingly growing to other nearby cities such as the greater Denver and Boulder areas. The largest of our exhibition spaces, the Mariani Gallery hosts six originally curated, contemporary exhibitions per year. Each exhibition explores concepts and themes through an interdisciplinary approach, exposing our students to a variety of processes, methods, and art making choices.

The Oak Room Gallery

The Oak Room Gallery hosts bi-weekly and monthly exhibitions that feature the work of UNC students and faculty. Under the guidance of the Galleries staff, students are given the opportunity to curate and install their own artwork. The experience reinforces the curriculum and skill-sets they receive in the classroom, preparing our students for a life-long career in the arts.

Arts Annex Gallery Spaces

The Annex Gallery serves as an experimental gallery space or "test-site" for students and visiting artists to pilot new ideas and installations. Named for its connection to surrounding classrooms, the Annex is an extension of the studio in that it features recently completed work or installations in process, inspired directly from the School of Art and Design curriculum.

The Lydia Ruyle Room of Women’s Art

An archival space designed to provide viewing and study, for students and the public, of our current and future art collections. The only room of it’s kind, it was made possible by a generous donation from Bob and Lydia Ruyle.


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