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Enlinked, Enlaced, Enamored — Ajean Ryan & Katie Caron

September 15 — October 15, 2016, Mariani Gallery

Artist Reception: Thursday, September 15 from 4 – 6pm

Lebenswelt is a German word for the phenomenological belief that the world is immediately or directly experienced in the subjectivity of everyday life. This “lifeworld” can be seen as a theater of objects situated within space and time. In Katie Caron’s work, she creates fantastical installations to immerse viewers in a carefully constructed landscape using film and theatrical effects. Ajean Ryan creates mythological installations composed of transformed detritus. The exhibition will consist of multi-media works, sculptures, installation and wall pieces. The works will be woven together in the space and curated thoughtfully by both artists.

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Fall 2016 Art & Design Events

UNC Faculty Show

August 22 – September 9, Mariani Gallery
Reception: Thursday, September 8 from 4 – 6 pm

Enlinked, Enlaced, Enamored - Ajean Ryan & Katie Caron

September 15 - October 15, Mariani Gallery
Reception: Thursday, September 15 from 4 – 6 pm

Crumbs Gather in the Folds - Michael Arrigo

October 20 - December 5, Mariani Gallery
Reception: Thursday, October 20 from 4 – 6 pm

UNC School of Art and Design Students

Mariani Gallery

The Mariani Gallery has served the Northern Colorado and Weld County communities since 1972. Students are exposed to exhibits that feature a variety of artworks and art making choices, helping to inform possible future career choices. Recent exhibits include Shyra DeSouza's Longshadow; The Ballast by Anja Marais; the Colorado Art Education Show; and the UNC Faculty Art Exhibition.

The Oak Room Gallery

The Oak Room Gallery exhibition schedule focuses on undergraduate and graduate student work ranging from solo Honors and Graduate Thesis exhibits to group shows representing various program areas. Recent exhibits include Cognitive Learning with Computer Graphics and Abby Powers, on the breath of the waves.

Arts Annex Gallery Spaces

The Arts Annex serves as additional gallery space as well as housing classrooms. Recent exhibits include the Student Photography Exhibition.

The Lydia Ruyle Room of Women’s Art

An archival space designed to provide viewing and study, for students and the public, of our current and future art collections. The only room of it’s kind, it was made possible by a generous donation from Bob and Lydia Ruyle.

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