The Printmaking Program offers courses in Intaglio Printmaking, Relief Printmaking and Monotypes.

The Printmaking Program consists of courses in Relief and Intaglio offered during the academic year. Courses are taught in Crabbe Hall, Room 102, Printmaking Studio.

Relief Printmaking includes linoleum cut, wood cut, collagraph, and wood engraving.

Traditional relief printing techniques are used to produce small editions of black and white and color prints.

Intaglio printmaking includes engraving, etching, dry point, aquatint, hard ground, soft ground, and monotype. These all fall into the intaglio category because the image is produced from below the surface.

Traditional Intaglio printing techniques are used to produce small editions of black and white and color prints.

Quick Guide: Printmaking

The College of Performing and Visual Arts offers undergraduate and graduate degrees for students studying Printmaking.
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Classes in the Printmaking program may include:

  • Intaglio Printmaking
  • Relief Printmaking
  • Monotypes
  • Drawing
  • Painting

Career options for graduates of the Printmaking program include:

  • Studio Artist
  • Art Educator

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How to Apply

To learn more about the Printmaking program or to schedule a visit to the School of Art and Design, contact Melanie Poston at (970) 351-1921 or

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"I've bonded with faculty, classmates, and art unique to this environment. Here I grew to be knowledgeable, sensible, flexible, deliberate, introspective, and ultimately an artist I never thought I would be. I treasure my experiences; they will always be part of me and my art."

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