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School of Art and Design

Jessica Forrestal: ConStructs and ConFines

Jessica Forrestal's hand-drawn installations require intensive labor and crafting as she challenges concepts of quality, disposability and time. Much of Forrestal's work explores American consumer culture, mass production, consumption, and disposal of objects that are meant to promise functionality and life improvement. [READ FULL POST]

New Art & Design Titles, January 2019

Welcome back to the Spring Semester! Check out our new art materials at Michener. [READ FULL POST]

New Art & Design Titles, December 2018

Happy winter everyone. Winter is the perfect time to cozy up with one (or twenty) of the incredible new books available at Michener Library. [READ FULL POST]

Jeremiah Corder Named 2018's Best Queer Artist

UNC Art & Design Alum Jeremiah Corder was recently named 2018's Best Queer Artist by OutFront Magazine. [READ FULL POST]