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School of Art and Design

Daniel Sprick, Painter

In 2016, MOA opened Daniel Sprick: Painting Out-of-Doors, an exhibition featuring a collection of plein air paintings by renowned Denver based oil painter, Daniel Sprick, who is also a UNC alum. [READ FULL POST]

Artist file from Petteys Papers

This week, I really dove into the Artist Files in archives [READ FULL POST]

Taekyeom Lee's 3D Printed Typography

This week, Taekyeom Lee visited UNC and gave an artist talk followed by exciting class demonstrations -- and I got to attend! [READ FULL POST]

Chris Petteys Letter

This week we kickstart the blog, finish sorting through the "mystery" Petteys Papers boxes, and watch the 2nd Annual UNC Art History Symposium. [READ FULL POST]