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School of Art and Design

Jeremiah Corder Named 2018's Best Queer Artist

UNC Art & Design Alum Jeremiah Corder was recently named 2018's Best Queer Artist by OutFront Magazine. [READ FULL POST]

New Art & Design Titles, Oct/Nov 2018

Check out our latest materials in this month's Michener Monthly. [READ FULL POST]

Student Karli Cumber Receives Travel Scholarship for Conference in New York

Congratulations to Karli Cumber, Senior in the Graphic Design Program for receiving a travel Scholarship/ Stipend to attend the HAATBP annual event in New York City! [READ FULL POST]

Mark Fetkewicz

Mark Fetkewicz's work entitled “Truth,” was accepted at the 2017/2018 International Poster Biennale in Lublin, Poland. Mark is a Professor of Graphic Design at UNC. [READ FULL POST]