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Supporting the College of Performing and Visual Arts

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Donors to the College of Performing and Visual Arts

The following honor roll recognizes generous gifts received July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Donors who contribute $2,000 or more in one fiscal year to the UNC Foundation are honored as members of UNC’s President’s Society.

The individuals, businesses and foundations listed below support the very core of the programs in the College of Performing and Visual Arts. These donors consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to education and the arts through their generous support of scholarship and program funds. We extend our most sincere gratitude to all the people and organizations whose gifts mean so much to our College and our students.


Bob and Bonnie Phelps Family CAP Trust


Jamey & Sara Aebersold
Bohemian Foundation
Colorado Creative Industries
Ned & Patty Husman
Sheryl McBride & James Demersseman
Bruce & Dee Pearson
Terri & Kevin Pederson
Leslie Petteys & Skip Campbell
The Schramm Foundation
Cheryl & Dan Wenzinger


Donald & Karen Bailey
Glen & Susan Beebe
Dana & Jason Cohenour
The Community Foundation Littler Youth Fund
Rich & Kathleen Forsberg
David & Dawn Grapes
The Griffin Foundation, Inc.
Sallie Johnson
Anne Schenkman
Howard & Beverley * Skinner


Kathy Christmann & Ike Simmons
The Community Foundation Serving Greeley & Weld County
Walter & Janet Cummings
Galen & Patty Darrough
Denver Lyric Opera Guild
Carol & Roger Dutton
Grand Mesa Music Publishers
Sharon Lebsack
Kathleen O'Neil & John Grossman
The Presser Foundation
Collette & Craig Shanks
Rebecca & Wesley Smith
State Farm Companies Foundation
John & Tate Todd
Bob & Betty Tointon
Bryan & Marcia VanDriel
Wardell Angus
Roy Wardell
William & Mary Wilson


Michael Alexander
David & Louise Arneson
Steve & Teresa Baker
Baker Team Corporation
Kim & Stephen Black
Sherrill Bostron
Barbara & Aaron Breen
Linda Dute
Kay Easley
Phyllis & Larry Eaton
Walt Francis
David & Mary Giese
Rachael Harla
Marian Hesse & Bruce Barrie
Shirley Howell Baker & Buddy Baker
Kenneth Jones
Bernie & Ginny Kinnick
Lee & Karen Korins
Dana Landry
Andrew Liccardo
Beth & Richard Lomkin
Steve Luttmann
Melissa Malde
Doug & Laura Marek
Dennis Morimoto
Bill & Susan Pfund
Ted & Megyn Reedy
Bob Ruyle
Sears Real Estate, Inc.
Kent & Anita Skinner
Marjorie Smith
Chalice Springfield & Chris Dowen
Allie Steg Haskett & Chris Haskett
Connie & Bob Stewart
Marilyn Turner
Leo & Laura Welch
Nance & Larry White
Susan & Ed Wilson
Ken & Sandy Womble


Vergie & Jerry Amendola 
Earl & Carol Clark
Doug & Catherine Coval
Michael & Rosemary Cox
Earle Donelson
Sandy Dungan
Greeley Area Music Teachers Association
Steve & Laurie Hamit
Kirk Jones & Ann Newman
Monica & Bob Kahn
John Klug
Lesley Manring-Borchers
Al & Carol Meny
Kathy & Michael Rains
Connie Shaw & James Wright
Joe & Barb Slobojan
Di Smice
Christine Soto
Sue Stephens
Tom & Dana Stephens
Ron Villiotti
Kirk & Susan Vogel
Daniel & Amilee Watkins
Curt & Karin Wyeno


The Cornerstone Society acknowledges donors who have made a lasting impact through cumulative giving of $50,000 and above. These transformational gifts have enabled the College to achieve its strong position as a leader in arts education and continue to impact our present and future.


Richard & Gladys Ball
Edith St. John
Bill Daniels
Bob and Bonnie Phelps Family CAP Trust
Monfort Family Foundation
Bob & Chris Petteys
John & Stefania Anderson
The Griffin Foundation, Inc.
The Schramm Foundation
Erion Foundation
Natural Piano Center, Inc.
Yamaha Corporation of America
Anthony & Marian Menk
Jamey & Sara Aebersold
Henry & Blanche Ginsburg
Thomas Ediger
Rupert M. Goodbrod
F.G. & Betty Ottesen

Sallie & Bob Johnson
Howard & Beverley Skinner
Robert & Virginia Husman
Bob & Marilyn Clark
Lowell & Suzy Graham
Bill & Carol Gossard
The Presser Foundation
Bernice Magnie
Dick & Sidney * Killmer
Bill & Janet Smith
Denver Lyric Opera Guild
Southard Family
Anne Schenkman
Tom & Nona Gordon
Bob & Lydia Ruyle
Guaranty Bank & Trust
Edna Hoydar
John & Tate Todd
Poudre Valley Health Care, Inc.
Bob & Betty Tointon


The Frasier Society honor the far-sighted philanthropy of alumni and friends who have made provisions for the University of Northern Colorado— its students, faculty and programs — in their estates and other deferred gift plans. These donors have generously created plans to provide support for the College of Performing and Visual Arts.


Michaeleen & David Bagley
Donald & Karen Bailey
Mary Camblin Reed
Kathy Christmann & Ike Simmons
Edgar & Jane Fielder
Walt Francis
Tom & Nona Gordon
David & Dawn Grapes
Pat Healy
Gordon & Monica Kasel


Sheryl McBride
Serena McGuire
Al & Carol Meny
Earleen Patterson
Jerry Shipler
Howard & Beverley * Skinner
Chris & Dona White
Diane & Ken Wood

To learn more about ways to support our College's tradition of excellence, please contact:

Jenny Shoop, Senior Director of Development | (970) 351-1900 | Jennifer.Shoop@unco.edu

Dr. Kiki Gilderhus, Interim Dean | (970) 351-2515 | Kiki.Gilderhus@unco.edu