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About The Program

The Theatre Education program at UNC strives to develop skilled practitioners who are committed to excellence in Theatre Arts education.

Our teacher candidates recognize that theatre is essential for every child's complete educational development, and endeavor to help their students discover how the Theatre Arts can also enhance their lives.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education

    Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts: K - 12 Drama Teaching Emphasis

    Our undergraduate Theatre Education program will give you the tools and experience needed to teach drama and theatre in the K-12 schools and community settings. In addition to studying various areas of theatre, students will be able to gain practical experience in classroom teaching and a collegial atmosphere in the degree.

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  • Master of Arts in Theatre Education

    Master of Arts in Theatre Education

    The Master of Arts in Theatre Education program creates advanced level scholars, practitioners, and teachers through a combination of online and in-person coursework. Courses ask experienced teachers to develop pedagogical skills, artistic choices, and arts advocacy training.

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  • Beyond the Classroom


    Undergraduate Theatre Education students participate in a biannual tour of a play for young audiences to local schools and community centers. Teacher candidates participate in observation and teaching in local Greeley schools throughout the course of study. Many students attend national and international conferences to improve pedagogy and artistry. 

  • Curriculum

    Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts: K - 12 Drama Teaching Emphasis

    As a Theatre Education student, you will take classes in all areas of theatre, including acting, speech, movement, history, playscript analysis, directing, and technical theatre, as well as coursework in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. The program culminates in a semester-long student teaching experience.

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    Master of Arts in Theatre Education

    This master's program features online delivery in the Fall and Spring academic terms, plus Summer intensive sessions, to fit into the schedules of current and aspiring theatre educators. The Summer intensives will involve viewing and working on theatre productions and attending classes.

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  • Current Education Majors

    PVA Education Page

    Visit the PVA Education Page to learn about PTEP, the PRAXIS exam, enter field hours, and find additional student resources.

    Visit the PVA Education Page

  • Applications and Scholarships

    Applications & Interviews

    Admission to the undergraduate Theatre Education program requires additional steps beyond the UNC application. This includes submission of a Theatre Education application and successful completion of an interview. Potential Theatre Education candidates should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

    Theatre Education Application Requirements


    The College of Performing and Visual Arts awards over $1.8 million in scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students in the arts. There are multiple scholarship types offered to students, including talent scholarships and foundation scholarships. To learn more, visit the PVA Scholarship page.

    PVA Scholarships

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Application Dates
  • Fall semesterAugust 1*
  • Spring semesterJanuary 1*
  • Summer semesterMay 1*
*Note: Application dates may vary depending on student status. Learn more.

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All Smiles | Spring 2023

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