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Acting Applications and Auditions

Application Materials

  • Audition Form (found in  your UNC Application Portal after submission of the UNC Application)
    • Contact information for 2 references
    • Photo/headshot (optional)
    • Video Introduction (optional)

Audition Requirements

  • Live Auditions:
    • Prepare three monologues: two contrasting monologues not to exceed two minutes combined, and an additional one-minute contrasting monologue.
    • All applicants will be required to perform their two contrasting monologues and may be asked to perform the third.

In-person auditions are scheduled in 3-minute slots. Please make sure your slate/introduction and 2 monologues fit within the 3-minutes. If the faculty wish to see your third monologue, they will ask for it in the audition room. 

  • Video Auditions:
    • Prepare two contrasting monologues not to exceed two minutes total.

Please make sure to slate/introduce yourself and your monologues in your audition video. This is not included in your two minute time limit.