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Theater Education Applications and Interviews 

Application Materials

  • Audition Form (found in your UNC Application Portal after submission of the UNC Application)
    • Contact information for 2 references
    • Copy of unofficial transcripts (we can use the same one you send in for your university application)
    • Theatre Education Essay : Be prepared to submit a 250 to 500 word answer to each of these questions: 
      • Why do you think theatre education is important for children and teenagers? Discuss how you think it can be an effective method to help build both individuals and a community. 
      • What makes for a quality learning environment for young people? Discuss your ideal environment and use specific examples from your past to support your argument. 
        • What kind of teacher would you like to be?
        • Why teaching? Why now? 
        • What are some obstacles you think teachers face and how do you plan on facing these obstacles?
      • Discuss your journey in education. 
        • What are some academic challenges or successes from your past?
        • How did you overcome an obstacle?
        • How did you succeed?
        • How do you think these experienes will help you in college?
        • How do you plan on being successful academically in college?
        • How do you keep yourself organized and on task?
    • Theatre Resume or List of relevant performance, production, or work experience (optional)
    • Video Introduction (optional)

Interview Requirements 

  • 15-minute interview with a Theatre Education faculty member conducted in-person or virtually

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to apply for admission to the Theatre Education program.