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Who We Are

About the School of Music

Welcome to the School of Music at the University of Northern Colorado! We are thrilled to share our passion for music with you. With over 500 students and 80 faculty, the School of Music continues to build upon an amazing legacy of achievement with an important regional, national, and international presence.

The School of Music has been named a Colorado School of Excellence - the highest honor the Colorado Commission on Higher Education can bestow on a program offered by a state institution of higher education - and has received over 100 Downbeat Magazine Awards for our work. Artistic excellence isthe norm here. Yet, the School of Music has not stopped there. UNC students are entering the field with something important to offer and our incredible faculty are providing them with the training that will allow their voice to be fully heard. The modern musical landscape has tremendous opportunities in it and our students and faculty are fully engaged and prepared to be leaders in it!

Thank you for taking the time to share in what we love to do. We invite you to experience all that we have to offer. Whether it is through a concert or the many outreach programs we provide, the School of Music is making an important contribution to the cultural experience of our region. In many ways, we bring the world to Greeley and represent Greeley to the world. 


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