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Music Business

UNC's School of Music offers you three choices for an undergraduate degree in music: bachelor of music, bachelor of arts, and bachelor of music education. The trend in the music business is to put careers together through personal marketing and the use of technology. With a bachelor of music degree and an emphasis in business, UNC will help you link your unique talents with entrepreneurship skills integral to success in music today.

UNC's Bachelor of Music: Business Emphasis develops and inspires well-rounded music performance students who can market and promote their talent in order to sustain a long-term professional career in music.

Meet the Faculty

Sarah Off, School of Music Faculty


Violin/Music Business
Assistant Professor of Music

Frasier 20
(970) 351-3173

Welcome to the UNC Music Business program!  In this rapidly changing and competitive music industry it is imperative that musicians enter the field fully prepared to succeed!  Along with becoming excellent musicians in each of your respective fields the music business program gives you the competitive edge you need to shine in the field of music.  You will leave with tools to help you build a career from your passion for music instead of just hoping things work out. 

One of my favorite topics in class is “Advocacy”.  Sometimes as musicians wrapping our head around becoming savvy “businesspeople” can be challenging and feel a bit foreign.  However, the idea of advocating for ourselves as professionals and advocating for our art shouldn’t be unfamiliar to us.  Effective advocacy is vital to our sustainability and success as music professionals.  When we pair business savvy and knowledge with advocacy and our passion to create, serve and be present and active in our field of study we are more likely to succeed.  In the UNC music business program you will learn strategies to create a sustainable and fulfilling career as a musician by exploring topics surrounding all aspects of the music industry, gaining foundational knowledge in the field of business, hearing from a variety of leading music industry professionals and building and fostering your skills and creative identity as a musician. 

Let’s do this!  See you in class.


Music Business Emphasis
  • Music Courses

    Lessons, Ensembles, Chamber Music, Theory & Aural Skills, Piano, Music History, & Music Business

  • Business Courses

    Microeconomics, Accounting, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship Marketing

  • Technology Courses
    Recording Techniques & Optional Music Tech Certificate
  • Liberal Arts Core

    28 Credits of English, Math, Science, History, Social Sciences, & Other

Program Highlights



Gain valuable real-world experience and network with industry professionals

Learn more about PVA internships


Capstone Project

Capstone Project

Dive deep into the workings of the industry with a self-selected research project

Business Coursework

Business Coursework

Diversify your resume with classes from the Monfort School of Business and the UNC School of Music


Tailored Curriculum 

Craft a program of study that matches you interests and career aspirations while developing a strong musical foundation

Music Technology

Music Technology

Record, master, and create music in a world-class music technology center, alongside professional recording engineers. 


National Repertory Orchestra

Through a partnership with the National Repertory Orchestra, UNC Music Business Students have the opportunity to learn and work with one of the nation's premier summer music festivals. 

"Partnering with the NRO is extremely exciting. UNCO and I have a lot of admiration for the NRO because of what they have done, the opportunities that they have given students across the United States and the world. Their artistic presence within the community and theirintegrity in the music industry is incredible. To have the honor and the pleasure of this partnership is pretty cool."~ Dr. Sarah Off

Guest Speakers

  • Elizabeth Bayer, Composer and Founder of the Oh My Ears! International New Music Festival
  • Jim Neglia, International Music Contractor and Author of “Onward and Upward” 
  • Nick Kenny, Executive Director of the Greeley Philharmonic
  • Brenda Foley, Actress, Social Activist and Founder of BRIDGE Initiative Women in Theater Group
  • Fred Peterbark, Assistant Dean of Enrollment and Student Services – Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University
  • Brianna Harris, Owner of Harris Artist Management and saxophonist with The Burrough’s
  • Glen McDaniel, Violinist with Simply Three
  • Max Hass, Entertainment Lawyer
  • Spencer Gibb, award-winning musician, photographer and actor

Supporting Partners

  • National Repertory Orchestra
  • Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Athena Project
  • Union Colony Civic Center
  • Mt. Blanca Music Conservatory
  • Central City Opera